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Get some stats for Signal strength, Speed, Networks, Storage space and GPS satellites/Compass with an intutive UX. Plus a flexible queue based Music Manager app for those of you who want to have more control over their music



Storage Space

Checkout your memory storage and clear some space. Find out about the memory storage of your phone. Are you getting the memory storage space promised by the manufacturer? FAQs

Music Manager

Do you keep wondering where your music files are ? Do you want a better way to play your music? Are you satisfied with the default album structure generated by your app? Do you wish you could rename, delete and organize your files? If you want to better manage and play your music files then this is the app for you. FAQs

Signal Strength

If you are living in a low signal area this app will be invaluable. You will quickly be able to make out which corners of your house or office have the best signal strength and much much more FAQs

GPS Signal

Monitor GPS satellite status so that you can predict how long its likely to take for the first accurate position fix. Also basic Navigation data like Magnetic heading, Course, Speed, Altitude, Latitude and Longitude. FAQs

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